Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A flower, a broken wrist

My day starts at around 6:45-7 each morning and usually steadily pushes on until about 10-11. Long days filled with crying, screaming, poop, toys, diapers, laundry, homeschool, laughter, smiles, giggles, kisses, arguments and sheer craziness! There are days that I lay my head down at night and truly have to breathe a sigh of relief and just thank our God that everyone made it through the day alive :) 

I didnt used to like to blog about the ins and outs if my days; I was always really terrified of the person who would ridicule my parenting or judge my skills as a homemaker. Well, that person said goodbye in 2013, & this year is the year that I begin to FINALLY find me! 

So, with that being said, I'm going to share the story of little flower, Lily Grace's fall and subsequent cast. 

It was 2 days after Christmas and the kids and I decided to go into town to shop at our favorite store--Walmart of course, (I actually seriously hate this store but I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time there, anyone else relate?) and we ended up getting the wrong thing. We did not realize we had bought the wrong game system (we were buying the new skylanders swap force for our little skylander for his birthday which was a mere 11 days following) until we returned home, a good 12 minutes from town. Keegan was ready for nap, desperately, I was too honestly, and school still had to be done. So we all decided to lay Keegan down, finish school and then head back into town. 

So we did this. I loaded all 5 kids back up in the car and headed back into town when Keegan woke from his nap. I decided to make one pit stop at the goodwill, I wanted to pick up a hooded sweatshirt for Jordon which was the one thing he asked for for Christmas and I had yet to find. So, we all head in, and unbeknownst to me, the goodwill doesn't have normal shopping carts with a child seat, oh no no. They have instead, a cart with 2 baskets, 1 on top and 1 on the bottom. So, I figure, we're not going to be there long, so I sit Keegan in the top basket, and head through the store. We score the sweatshirt, and a plastic doll house for 3.99, I was not leaving the store without it, and a stand up blender for stupid cheap. We proceeded to the checkout, me pushing a cart with a baby, while wrangling 4 other children around my heels. I needed to push the cart out of the store because I didn't have enough hands to carry the bags, Keegan, and maneuver the kids through the parking lot that seemed to be more packed as we were exiting the store then when we had entered. 

So, both girls stepped into the bottom basket and held onto the stop, the boys held onto the sides, and I held keegan in the top. We were headed down the handicap ramp from the sidewalk into the parking lot when the cart HIT A POT HOLE AND COMPLETELY FLIPPED ON ME. It was crazy! Obviously it was from the weight of the girls on the front of the cart, I realize that (please don't feel the need to point this out, I'm well aware that I could have potentially stopped this horrible accident had I simply not put the girls in the bottom basket) but I never imagined such a thing could happen. 

I flew over the basket, Keegan fell out and Hayley and Lily Grace both got stuck under the cart. Lily Grace's hand broke her fall we think and that's probably how she broke it. 

2 ladies came over and asked if we were okay, which I know was very kind and they most certainly did not have to stop and check on us. But I admit, I kind of wish one had offered a hand to help me with our stuff to the car, only because that was the only real help anyone could have given at the time. 

But, they left, and I still had to figure out how to get the kids across the parking lot while carrying 3 kids, see God only gave me 2 hands and that didn't seem to be enough in this particular predicament. So, I did what any mother of 5 does, I carried a 3 year old, a 4 year old and. 1 year old across the parking lot with only 2 hands, while my oh so wonderful 10 year old stood on the sidewalk with all of our stuff until I could come back and pick the cart up and get our stuff over to the car. 

The wrist never swelled really badly or bruised, which were 2 signs I was looking for in order to decide how to proceed. We headed home to daddy and after Lily awoke from her nap in the car, although still no bruising or swelling, we decided she should go get it checked. Brian took her because they older 3 kids we honestly quite shaken up after everything and I didn't want to worry them by my leaving. Mom leaving always seems to throw everyone into a panic around here, I'm not sure about at your houses. 

An X-ray and 3 hours at the ER and sure enough, poor Lily Grace had broken her wrist in 3 tiny little places. The breaks are different in small children, as in the bone kid of splinters as opposed to actually breaking, thankfully! So, the Dr was confident it should heal nicely! She will continue wearing the cast until Feb 5, and I cannot lie, it's seriously the cutest thing ever! 

And that's the story about how our little flower, broke her wrist and how her momma realized, these kids will give me a heartache SOON! 

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Anonymous said...

Ashley, I absolutely love reading your blog. You need to write a book....like you dont have anything else to do.
When my 4 kids were smaller I made the first one hold my shirt, and the others hold the shirt in front of them. I still do that with Elijah when he feels like he's too big to hold my hand. I have the weirdest feeling that your going to be such a blessing in my life. :-)