Friday, February 18, 2011

Renewed spirit

It seems like every time I go to start blogging again, my first sentence is: "wow it's been a long time". How does life get so crazy? How do we allow ourselves to get so bogged down that we don't take the time out to relax, praise God for the blessings in our life? I am definitely guilty of this. I tell myself, "Oh, I'm just so busy". But the reality is, the lie takes a hold of my life. The lie that we as humans believe far too often; the lie that started this fallen world--that we somehow are the most important part of life.

The truth, He is and always will be the most important part of life. He is the way, the truth and the life. Without Him, nothing is possible. With Him, the possibilities are endless. With Him, my life has a purpose and meaning and I know that I can succeed. SO much of my life as been spent focusing on what I thought was important; learning to focus on what is truly important, the great I Am, that has been more difficult that I could have imagined. Never because it's not worth the struggles, but because Satan is so evident in this world. He tries each and every moment to spread his vile distaste for the Lord through a world that desperately wants control. He knows the human condition, the condition in which we believe we know what is best. He spreads his lie, just as he has since the beginning of time. The only defense, submerge myself in the living breath word of Christ. With it, I am unstoppable at spreading the hope that comes from trusting in the Lord.