Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some Craftiness

Sweet Rosette Fun

I’m so excited to tell you all about the sweet little rosettes that have been filling my time recently.

I saw a picture of these little rosettes, and some headbands that were adorned with them. I fell in love!

Needless to say I began scouring the web for tutorials. About the same time I, as I’m sure many of you, became COMPLETELY ADDICTED to pinterest. Oi vey {I have no idea if that’s how you spell that French word, but I love it, so I hope it’s right}. That site takes up so much of my time. It seems that I decide to get on for a few minutes and then somehow time goes into fast-forward and all of a sudden I’ve been on for HOURS. It’s like a vortex, just sucks you in with its awesomeness.

But, I digress. Anywho, so once I entered the pinterest vortex {wink} I found amazing tutorials for rosettes. And the rest is history now.

My Christmas gifts for my family consisted of all fabric rosettes, and I must say, I loved every single one of the creations! I made 3 necklaces, a headband, 2 hair clips and 2 broaches. And I just couldn’t seem to stop. I just kept wrapping and wrapping that pretty little fabric, until my hands hurt from all of the glue I got on them. {They don’t call it a hot glue gun for nothing, that little sucker is HOT}

So, here are some pix of a few of the rosettes. I am creating an etsy account where you can purchase any that you would like as well as here on my blog.

Happy viewing sweet friends.

White and lime green rosettes with a rhinestone set on a gray headband

I made this one for my cousin, the bead is sewn on  

White flower with leaf embellishment broach

4th of July hair clip

My hubby is a VT graduate, had to make something using VT …. This is a hair clip but could easily be a pin

Black flower with white rose broach

I made this for my twin nieces (matching ones of course)

I made this for a cousin, black and white necklace

Black hair bow with gray rosette

White flower clip with a little lady bug

So, like? This isn't all of them, but a collection of some. I have some work to do, and any input is greatly appreciated! But, I admit, I love making them! I want to make a pillow and a purse, I’ll let you know how those endeavors turn out.