About Me

I am a CSAHM and this blog is used to enrich my life with God's living breathing Word. I am growing in my faith continually, and I feel empowered at every moment when I lean on Christ. I am trying to learn all that I can so that I can teach my children about God's word and lead them by example. I am blessed deeply with 4 beautiful children that I am privileged to raise each and every day.

I came to the saving knowledge of Christ at the age of 12, however did not turn my life completely over to Him, allowing Him to be Lord, until the age of 22. I have struggled with bouts of depression, self-loathing, cutting, days filled with complete hysteria. I am a survivor of sexually and emotional abuse, a mental breakdown and date rape. I wish with every breath that I had leaned on the love of Christ to help me battle those moments, but I know without a doubt that I endured them so that I could, today, help someone do what I did not have the want to do—trust in the Lord with all their heart! He is the way the truth and the life and I am blessed every single moment to have been redeemed; to have been called out of the darkness.

I could not ask for a better companion in my husband. He has been a rock when I needed one. We have grown together in our faith and the journey has had many mountains to overcome, but I know that we can truck up it with the strength of our Lord. I am the proud mother to 4 beautiful children who I am in no way worthy of; but that's one of the beautiful parts of His grace--We aren't worthy but He still blesses us with it! 

Praise God for all he has blessed in my life and yours as well!

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