Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Am day 9, I am created to be His vessel

I Am....

Created by the Creator of the Universe, created to be His vessel, used in His manner. 

I am Holy.

I am chosen.

I am redeemed. 

I am a sweet reflection of God's amazing power and I can live an life of abundant blessings when I am living a life committed to Him. I will experience joy beyond my understanding. I will experience a hope for a future, a future in fellowship with Him. 

But, when I allow my mind to control me I fall into a pit, my thoughts taking control like ravenous wolves. I must surrender these thoughts to the One and Only capable of relieving such an affliction. When I am able to do this, my relationship with Him will thrive and prosper in magnificent and remarkable ways. 

We must hold true to the above stated. We are so precious to Him. Once we have accepted our sinfulness, there is nothing that can separate us from Him ever again. After that moment the driving force in our life becomes having an intimate relationship with Him. He fulfills our every desire, our every need. Once we have Him, we have everything. Knowing that truth can be hard in our sinful state, which is why learning to have a relationship with Him is pivotal to our existence. Allowing Him into every aspect of our life--our laughs, our cries, our doodles on paper, our walks with the dog, our cooking, our showering--truly every waking moment. It strengthens us. 

He strengthens us. 

Read & reflect on Isaiah 60:1 & 2
Will you arise and be strengthened by Him in this sin clouded world?

Read and reflect on Luke 1:79
Will you allow the prince of Peace to guide your feet?

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