Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(my very first printable, will be available on our WWU site)

The sun shone so bright through the school room, our hearts ached to go outside and enjoy the day. But, I could hear the incessant voice in my head—Must. Do. School.

I ignore the voice far too often and as I weighed the pros and cons decided it was best to stay inside and finish school.

But, with the fun drawing my heart away from the desk, I decided we should do something fun, but what was really fun for a 4 year old? What did he want to do?

Well, all he wanted to do was play with his blocks and wake his sleeping baby sister up—she is his pride and joy, his sun on a cloudy day. But, that was NOT happening, so I had to come up with an alternative.

We are slowly working on a scrapbook on becoming a new creation and I have been lax in coming up with ideas. When I bought the scrapbook and supplies I had great aspirations as to what we would do with our book …. But as the days have passed by us it seems I haven’t been diligent with our creative slide.

(Truthfully, I’m not being diligent with many aspects in school, blog coming on that)

So, I got out one of our books and we read the story of Moses; the incredible story of a boy, who was supposed to be put to death, saved by God’s incredible grace.

A boy who grew up with wealth, prestige, the possessions of this world; yet his heart knew something was missing—his heart was aligned with the sufferings of his people, the Israelites.

And a man who committed murder and was still used in a mighty and extraordinary way by the God above all gods!

Moses is an incredible illustration of the transformation one makes by the grace of God. There was nothing in Moses that was so great the God called him because of; instead he was called and equipped to do God’s work. Moses was perfect for our transformation book! He became a new creation, the old had gone, and the new had come! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

This is the same story we can all hold. This is the understanding I wanted Jax to gain today; that no matter what sins we commit, if God calls us his, nothing can keep us from him. Growing up as an Egyptian didn’t keep Moses from God’s work, committing a sin that would become one of the 10 commandments didn’t keep Moses from God’s work. Nothing would. God guided him to what He set forth, what he lay out long before Moses laid his eyes upon this world. And God will use each of us in His extraordinary fashion whether we know it or not!

Have faith.

Do not give up!

He is not finished with you yet…. He will guide you to His purposes! He will instill a new heart in your and within that heart will emerge a new creation!



Anna said...

Lovely post!

Visiting from the Blog Bash. Look forward to reading more of your posts. :)

Natasha said...

Visiting from Blog Bash. Enjoyed getting acquainted.