Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A renewed heart--that is my incessant prayer each and every day. I am well aware that this sinful heart will continue to be renewed as each day passes, as I come closer to His heart. But, I never want to be in a place where I am satisfied with my walk, where I do not think growth is necessary.

Growth is ALWAYS necessary.

Growth forever brings us closer to the cross.

Growth teaches us how to follow, instead of lead.

I have a hard time with that. It is a struggle I work on with every breath. Leading.

I do not want to “lead”. I want to humbly serve my Father, He is the leader. I simply long to serve. If within serving He calls me to shepherd at times, then I will humbly submit.

But, never lead.

Leading is for Him-for He is the only one capable of leading us anywhere. I know without a doubt that His leading takes us to the Holiest of Holy places—His Kingdom.

That is where my heart is, my renewed heart that I, every day, come closer to.

It is within His Kingdom that I will gain my true heart, my true desires. This world is but a passing time, but His Kingdom, it reigns forever; His glory, forever.



Mrs. T said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog & visiting! Your blog is so pretty... love the butterflies! Are you a homeschooler? I am going to be homeschooling Emma next fall, and whatever other children we will have. :)

hermsfam said...

Thank you Mrs. T :) I am a homeschooling mama. My son is in kindergarten. It has been such a blessing! I never imagined I would enjoy it so much! Or that my son would learn as much as he has. We started him early, he's only 4.5, and he's reading and writing which is a complete sign from God that He is working through my hands! I look forward to keeping up with you and Emma when you start!