Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am day 8, I Am a small creature

I Am......

A small creature in a huge world created by God's loving hands. I long to know Him and am passionate about understanding the greatness of God. When I focus on Him, I am able to grasp the vast, incomprehensible, mysterious infinity of God's wisdom, power, presence and love. The more I know about the greatness of God, the more I know the value in the love He extends towards me. There is a joy in my heart that comes from understanding how great He is. 

He has set kings on the throne, set our entire world into existence with a small breath from His mighty mouth, how much more can I trust Him to handle my little 'ol life? He is far more capable at governing my life and the joy that comes from knowing He can handle it without hesitation sets my heart on fire. 

Read and reflect on 1 Chronicles 29:10-13
Will you exalt Him to head of your life? Will you become a part of His glorious Kingdom?  

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