Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am day 4, I Am Not

I Am Not......

Sarah is a 29 year old married mom of 4 who just accepted Jesus s her Savior. Sarah started attending a church about six months before her acceptance of Christ and upon entry to church the Sunday following her baptism Sarah felt uneasy and no longer excited about her new life with her Lord and Savior. Sarah was handed this flyer as she walked through the church doors:

“We are so excited about your decision to accept Jesus as your Savior, you are now a child of the King and must continue to show Him that you are worthy. Now that you are saved, please do not speak of your previous life, we do not want to hear about what a sinner you used to be. Do not drink. Do not wear pants. Do not wear makeup. Do not wear two-pieces. Do not ask to lead a bible study, we will ask you if we see that you a bearing the correct fruits. Do not is church. Do not associate with your old sinful friends. Do not associate with anyone not saved."

Obviously this flyer is extreme. I do not personally know anyone who was handed this flyer. But, I do personally know that some of these things were said to me and those I know personally and I have one thing to say--only God can tell us what we can and cannot do and only God can tell us who we are and are not. Opinions and "rules" are thrown out there by each of us, and so often we speak on the basis that we are exhorting some truth that will change their life, when I'm reality we are picking apart their life so that they can fit some cookie cutter person we have created. 

God made Us. God formed us. God is the one that will take our hearts and mold them into the magnificent beating organ that can change lives. Just because Susie next door is terrific at organizing a child's birthday party doesn't mean you have to be. Just because Billy's mom Tonya gave up wearing makeup because she didn't like the feel on her face, doesn't mean you have to. Just because Allison homeschools her 7 children and always seems so put together when you see her doesn't mean she is. The only truth in these statements is that they are true for some family some where--it doesn't have to be your family. 

Let God tell you what activities you might enjoy, let God reveal to you every passion that He crafted within your soul.

Read & reflect on Jeremiah 29:11
Notice how it doesn't say, 'I have plans for you & so & so"--the plans He has for each of us are specifically crafted & chosen by Him for His purposes. We cannot allow others to squash pieces of us that God may want to use for His special reasons. We cannot say what God wants to do in someone else's life. We cannot know what way God wants to us, how can we begin to say how He wants to use someone else? 

The answer, we can't.

We simply can't compare ourselves to others!!! We are unique, one of a kind gems in a rare collection held only by One. 


Samantha Lambert said...

I love this one! I would add that not only should we not compare, we should not judge. I read a powerful message the other day: Do not judge someone because they sin differently than you do. /wow! Living through comparison and judgement is exhausting!

womanwalkignupright said...

I would agree 100%, it is utterly exhausting :) glad you enjoyed!!