Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am day 3--I am not

I am not....
.................anything that the enemy tries to convince me I am. The enemy is cunning, deceitful, & wants nothing more than to separate us from God & for us to lose all hope in the One who can defeat him. We cannot let Him have that victory. Our souls are not for him to take pleasure in. Our souls were created for a relationship with the Savior, Prince of Peace & it is within a relationship with Him that the enemy has no barring on our life. He is powerless when the power is Christ. 

Use that power. 

Humble yourself before the throne & admit that the enemy has lies that overwhelm you & threaten to steal your joy--ask Him to fill that emptiness. Ask Him to stand you up tall. We tower over the tallest structures when it's God who is lengthening our body!! 

Read & reflect on John 10:10
Do you ever feel as if a thief is stealing from your life? Do you believe God when He says that Jesus came to bring life & life abundantly? Are you experiencing abundant life? Do you think our idea of an abundant life & God's idea are the same? 

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