Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I am day 2

Anne stood 5'7" with brown hair and emerald green eyes and she loathed herself. When Anne woke in the mornings and looked in the mirror, she saw nothing but ugly dark circles under her eyes, unmanageable hair, a nose that wasn't centered correctly on her face and was in her opinion two sizes too big. Anne had hated herself since she was a child--now she stands in the mirror at 42 everyday and critiques herself. God's sweet serene voice is muffled by the screaming fits in Anne's head. The enemy has convinced her that there is nothing special about her. No one loves her. She is ugly. She is worthless. 

These are all the same lies that so many of God's precious daughters hear every moment of every day. It breaks His heart. He doesn't see us in nearly the same light as we see ourselves. We see ourselves through sin covered glasses, God sees us through perfect eyes. Perfect eyes that want us to KNOW we are gems in His kingdom--gems that He wants to add to His rare and beautiful collection. A collection that has been in existence since that first disobedient moment in the garden, when He could've turned His back on us the way we turned on Him, but He didn't. And He promises never to. He promise to walk through fire with us, to climb mountains with us, He promises that if we have the faith in Him, we ourselves can move mountains. 

Anne is like so many of us. Anne doesn't think God loves her. Anne thinks she is a hopeless mess with no chance at love from a perfect and understanding Father. But she is wrong. We are all wrong when we think there is anything in our life that can separate us from the love that He longs to pour over our unworthy heads. We are unworthy because of sin within us, not because He doesn't find worth within us--He finds much more than worth. He finds and sees the self that He in His perfectness created. He sees the parts of us that we don't even know exist, parts that He stitched together within our souls. It is within those souls that we can find the strength to see ourselves as He does. It is within our soul that we can allow Him to mold us, shape us, bend us, stretch us and be the rare beautiful gem that He formed. 

Read Isaiah 64:8 
Do you feel as if He is molding you? Do you feel like clay, ready to be shaped into whatever vessel He sees fit? Ae you ready to shine like the gem He truly created you to be, or are the whispers from the enemy still too strong to ignore yet? 

Read & reflect on Jeremiah 1:5 
Do you understand that He knew exactly who you were from that moment you were in your mothers womb and nothing you have ever done in your life stops you from experiencing the life He truly sees fit for your life? 

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