Monday, January 2, 2012

Girly Girl, frills and thrills

"A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous… full of beauty and forever beautiful… loving and caring and truly amazing."
- Deanna Beisser

She was is so full of energy.

She is so full of love.

She is sweet yet sassy, tough yet sensitive and her big blue eyes hold my heart captive.

She is Hayley Peyton and she is one of the greatest joys God has blessed me with. She is almost 3, and she is at that special place where she is independent yet still wants to cuddle on my lap {which I will ALWAYS relish in}. She LOVES to play dress up and even more she loves to play with all things boy. She growls at me when she doesn’t want to do what I ask and she shrieks with excitement when she sees something girly she wants. This morning, the sheer joy that she radiated at seeing my painted nails was breathtaking. Such a small little thing, but to her little world, it was magical. 

When Daddy came home and asked her what she did during the day, she exclaimed with pure joy, “I paint my nails”. 

Oh how my heart thanks God for His perfect gift of children. The love He instills in us, as parents, for these little beings that He has given us to raise for such a short time.

Father God, you have given me such a perfect gift and I thank you every single moment. I ask that you walk with me as I raise these children that are first and foremost your children, given to us for such a short time to raise in admonition of your Holy name. Hayley is so sweet, and please just give me the strength to keep her always in your Word, feminine and true to what you made her as …. A daughter of the risen King! Amen



Tina @ The Blessed Couponer said...

Hayley is so beautiful! You are very blessed. My daughter is now 2o years of age. I found your blog through Women Living Well blog and I am glad I did. I am now following you and will visit often. Tina

Erin said...

Aw what a blessing and joy from God! Can't wait to have them one day!

ginanorma said...

SO sweet!!!