Monday, March 17, 2014

art journaling

I began keeping a journal as a little girl. Keeping my thoughts on paper was a coping skill my therapist had me using at a young age. But, as is the theme with everything in my life, I don't keep with things well. With that being said, journaling is one of the ways my writing flourished, just simply putting my thoughts down and realizing that God gave me a gift with words; but I still never kept with it regularly. 

Recently I felt God laying a new desire on my heart, a desire for art. An insastiable appetitie for art. I long to look at pictures online, I scour magazines for inspiration, and simply sit with my sketch book and learn. 

I feel like a giddy child most evenings when I sit down with my tools, uninterrupted, and create. 

I've started keeping an art journal, and wow has it truly brought so much creativity back into my life. When I first had Jaxson, I was really big into scrapbooking. I would sit for hours and scrap pictures of him the first year of his life. Then we adopted Jordon, had Hayley, and before I knew it 6 years wizzed by and I haven't scrapboooked since. So, I've had all of this stuff just sitting around, waiitng to be used and appreciated. I kept all of it, or most of it, with the idea that we'd be able to use most of it in school, and we have for the most part, but there were thing like stamps and inks that we just weren't using. 

Oh my happy little creative heart rejoiced the moment that I realized I could bring all of my supplies out of retirement! I've been a stamping, inking, painting, drawing, all things art kind of gal for the past 2 weeks and it's been glorious!

What's been so glorious you may ask?

It's glorious watching Him instill things within our hearts. It's glorious to watch as He shapes our hearts to His, our minds to His, our bodies to His. It's a glorious journey we are in, and for the first time I feel free enough to live my life! 

Free from the bondage this world used to hold me in and free to live in the glorious manner in which He envisioned. 

What is art?

It's expressing human creative skill and imagination in various forms, and that can do glorious things to our way of living, and our emotional health. 

I didn't grow up around anyone that enjoyed anythign artsy. I had no idea that there was so much beauty simply waiting to be explored....and I am fueled and ready to explore. 

Here are a few of my journal pictures as well as the kids:

 I encourage you to grab onto something God is doing in your life, and simply enjoy all of the glorious moments

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