Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Some days are just tough

Days like today are long. Really, really long. 

Miss. Princess woke in the middle of the night and had an accident, prompting new sheets and pj's, then accidentally waking brother. So, a bottle for brother and back to bed we all go, and when I finally woke from my sleepy slumber, I just couldn't quite put my head on right. 

I arise, do my devotional which is starting to uplift my spirits, when gingerman comes and says he's leaving for work. Something happens. 


No, not yet, I'm not done my devotional time yet (shriek).

No worries though, gingerman offers to give me 15 more minutes, at which I praise God for the wonderful man I have standing beside me. 

But, still I can't seem to put my head on quite right. 

Breakfast for the littles who are slowly waking, and wait for my mommy to call and say she's on her way to pick up the twinadoes as they are referred to around here (they're sweet girls and we love them dearly, don't worry), only that phone call goes differently than I expected. 

As in, she's coming tomorrow to get them (I babysit my twin nieces every week for 2-3 days depending on how many days in a row my mom has to work the midnight shift). 

Oh, sad face. 

My head is officially not on right at all today. 

We muddle through our morning, with NO SCREAMING mind you, which we all know is a huge feat. 

School gets done.

Lunch gets served. 

A nap gets taken (not me, oh how I wish it was me).

And quiet time begins, sort of. 

There is a house of 6 awake and active children desperately fighting a quiet time request. 

Still no screaming. 

No head on still, yet I have not screamed. 

I re-evaluate. 

Maybe I do have a head on straight. 

Maybe today is just a hard day, and that is okay. Maybe it has nothing to do with my limitations and everything to do with just life, and that is okay. 

Yep, that's what it is. 

I can rest in Him. 

I can draw closer to Him. 

I can lean into Him. 

There are just tough days! 

Are you feeling this way today, friend? Do you just not feel quite right, the day just seems to be overwhelming? 

Rest in Him. 

You are limited by this world, but He is limited by nothing. 

Rest in Him. 

Draw closer to Him. 

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