Monday, September 22, 2014

Less than Three--the ministry

To say that God has done mighty works within me and my family would simply be an understatement. I'm not sure I can adequately describe what God has done, although I will try. 

Coming from the dark as I did, I had no idea how beautiful and vibrant the light would be. I am so thankful to be there now. And I will NEVER go back! Sure, I will undoubtedly have really bad days, months, probably years, but I will simply never be consumed by darkness again. God has assured me that He is with me, loving me, even in my weakest and most challenging moments. 

And the same is true of you, friend. 

God, He's amazing! He's jealous for us, He wants all of us. He doesn't want to share us with this world, He wants our entire being. 


When I sat down to write less than Three, I had no idea what I was doing. I simply knew that I felt called to write it. I was scared, TERRIFIED is really a better word, but I wanted DESPERATELY to obey! So, I stepped out and admitted how dark my life truly was. I walked my readers through the most painful parts of my life. 


That's a question a few have asked me. The answer was hard to come up with at first, but it's simple now. God wanted to use my life to bring darkness to light. He wanted to use my testimony for anyone still struggling in the darkness. He wanted anyone that is currently walking through any dark tunnel, as I lived in, to know that He is active and present and waiting to bring light to that tunnel. 

I didn't want Him to use my life at first. I was quite irritated and angry at first, and then once it was published, and my family became so angry and mean, I admit, I regretted my decision. I shook my fist a little at God and cried out, "why me"? Poor pitiful 'ol me, right?


He used me because that's what His purpose was. Let people scoff, I invite the scoffing now. They're not really scoffing or ridiculing me, they are truly scoffing and ridiculing Him.

I am so thankful now to have been used. I don't want to simply proclaim Jesus as my Savior at the end of my life--I want Him to be Lord every single day. 

Lord of my life. Lord over every aspect. 

I thought less than Three would simply be a book, and then He showed me it is much more than that. First He revealed it would be a Trilogy, and that I wasn't expecting. I wasn't prepared to hear that from Him. But, I audibly heard Him tell me there is much, MUCH more He has to reveal to this world through me. And, I willingly step up to the plate now. I am His vessel, waiting to be used however He sees fit. 

I have been fervent in prayer about what exactly He wants from me. What is less than Three. How do I fulfill my calling? How do I reach a broken, and lost world? Because, let's be truly frank and honest--there are a lot of broken and lost people wandering around aimlessly through this world. Most don't even understand that they are lost. Some even say they know Jesus, and continue walking in darkness despite what they "believe". I did! 

How was I to reach these people?

Well, when you ask God to speak to you, you had better be prepared to hear Him and follow Him. There's no turning back when you ask God a direct question. 

What is less than Three? It is a praying ministry. How do I reach a lost world? I PRAY over that world. I engage that world with my heart, and I pray for it. 

I long to take petitions to Him. I long to meditate over problems and give them over to Him. I long to take requests that people don't know how to take themselves, and release them to the Healer--because oh my goodness will He ever heal. Heal in a mighty way. Heal in a way that is unexpected and transforming. 

But, I don't want to just pray for the easy things. Jobs, cars, money, calmness. No, I want to pray for the broken, the dark, the lost and ones that think they're ugly, deep down into their souls. I want people to know they can bring their life to me, and I will pray over them. I will lay hands on them if I can, and if I cannot, I will simply lay hands on their name--written in my personal and private journal. 

"Pray without ceasing" -- 1 Thessalonians 5:17

That is the least and most powerful thing I can do for this world--pray. 

There is nothing that is too much for me to pray over. There is nothing in this world that breaks my heart more than separation from God--and prayer can forge that gap between us and Him. 

So, my dear and sweet friends, if you have a prayer, please send it to me. Please, do not hesitate. If you are broken, lost and just don't know how to reach out to Him, let me go to Him in your place. Let me begin forging that gap for you. Let me pray over you, will you? 

You can reach me at
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It is my sincere and honest prayer that He allow me opportunities to pray over anything and everything. Do not hesitate. Do not think I will judge you--for I have been judge far too much by man, and Jesus thinks I'm just fine the way I am, and the SAME is true of you. 

Reach out, ask for prayer, and watch as the Spirit fills you with a new peace! 

Remember, you are less than only Three. 

How can I begin praying for you, friend?

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