Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Live

For the past 2 months I have gone through such a wide scope of emotions within myself. There were times when I just sat and cried, and at others I shouted praises to our Lord in Heaven. I've felt a little crazy at times with the flood of tears and smiles.

This week I've felt a writing niche, and I couldn't understand why. I've always loved to write, that's nothing new, but I felt an overwhelming need to share; but couldn't quite put into words what I thought He wanted me to say.

This morning as I got lost in the FB world, which I admit happens far too often, I opened up a video by Francesca Battisteli and then began browsing through YouTube videos and found "I'll Rise" by Michael O'Brien and I heard Him SHOUTING to me.

I got it, I heard it, and I understood.

I want to love Jesus with every single piece of my body. I want Him to fill every facet of my life. I want everyone to look at me and say, "wow, what is different about her?" and I want that difference to be the indwelling of Jesus in my life.

I live, only because He died.
I love only because He first loved me.
& I'll rise only because He rose from that grave.

These are the truths of my life. He sustains me through my every day. There is nothing I cannot do when I walk with my hand tightly grasped inside of His.

If I lose my way in this life, it is He who will guide me back to His will. I will never lose Him, I will never walk too fast that He cannot first lead me. And without His leading, I fall every time. It's only IN His shadow that my footsteps head in the right direction.

He is the direction. He is the way.

I want Him to fill my every hope, my every dream. I want His life to become mine. I want to be filled only with Him.

I know people who believe that "free will" is a great choice, the best gift we've been given. I disagree and think it's satan's desire to have us believe this!

The best gift we've ever been given is the gift of salvation. That salvation was bought at a price, Jesus's life. And I owe Him eternally; a debt I cannot never repay.

With every tear I've cried, with every smile that has graced my face, Christ fills me with Himself and for that I am thankful.

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