Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Moving

Get Moving

This week has been crazy for me. I lost an Uncle on Saturday and since then I have spent as much time as I could with his family, whom I adore. He was such a jolly man, good-hearted and funny, wise and knowledgeable and OUTRAGEOUS. He was a character. We knew his death was coming, and truly I thought I was prepared for it, but I found out quickly, you can never truly “prepare” for death. It hurts just the same, it’s grief either way! My heart hurts, my eyes sting but I am finding strength to give my family through the strength that He gives me. Gladness will come, comfort will be felt and joy can be taken in the peace that he is now experiencing.

I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.

Jeremiah 31:13

God showed me something already though this trial, through the hard times the past 4 days. We are not promised tomorrow. We all say this, so many live by the motto “live like there’s no tomorrow”, but does that realization truly sink in? Do we truly understand that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and today is really the day that we should rejoice in, take hope in, and fulfill our aspirations in?

There are so many days that I say to myself, “I’ll get to that tomorrow”, but, will I have a tomorrow? And even if I have a tomorrow, will it bring the peace that I search for or will anxiety continue to creep in when I cannot accomplish what I set out for?

There are so many things that I long to do, not for me, but for my family. There are so many books I want to read, chapters of the Bible I yearn to explore, and I always tell myself, tomorrow, tomorrow.

I won’t do this anymore. I will do what I set out to do, TODAY, and what can wait until tomorrow, I will praise that day that he has given me. I will tell those I love that I love them. I will confront those that I have conflict with. I will call those whom I haven’t spoken to for too long. I will kiss my babies, hug and squeeze them.

Tomorrow is not promised, but the day that we are in, He promises we can find the blessings He pours down. Those blessings are not to be taken for granted, they are not to be taken lightly. They are blessings from His oh so gracious hands and they are blessings He absolutely did not have to give to us but chose willingly to give.

I want to put my hope in today, my faith in today and my love for Him in today. I want Him to reign down through my life, today and I want people to see Him in me, today.

My heart mourns for this man, for his family. I pray that God’s strength fill them completely during this trying time.

But, losing him so abruptly taught me …..

I will find gladness, I will be comforted and I will be joyful, today.

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