Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Immeasurably Blessed

I laid in the bed an extra 15 mins this morning, still rolling out before 6. This is a huge feat for me. I have been battling a sleepy slumber that takes over my thoughts for some time now. This morning I started the victorious battle.

I’m in a stage of life right now that is completely taken over with children; children in various places of their own life, looking to me for their every waking desire. I’ve been searching every moment for a closeness with Christ, to experience Him in a refreshing way!

My mindset proved to be quite selfish and God showed me this reality through the health trail I recently endured. He opened Himself up to me the way I had hoped, but what He showed me I could never have imagined. My simple human mind could never see His wonders without the help from His Holy Spirit.

He has revealed Himself to me, to my soul, and I stand in complete adoration of His amazing wonders. I have found myself recently wondering what God wanted to use me for; what was His will for my life? After starting an incredible Bible study called Experiencing God, and being stranded on the couch with only my thoughts and prayers, I heard God speaking to me. I’ve written on this revelation of “be still”, but still had some separation to deal with in my head.

After praying and speaking openly with Him, I finally saw what His will for my life is: the same will He has for EACH of us. His will for my life is the same will He has for every single one of us—to align our life with His will, one in which brings light to a dark universe, breath to a dying world. This is the gospel, that Jesus Christ died for us all and that redemption is something attainable for us all. Every single thing that we do, every single word that we speak, all must be done to the glory of the One who made us.

When we come humbly to the throne, He changes our life. I count myself blessed that I have been called out of the darkness and now stand strong in the light. The light of His way illuminates my path in amazing ways and I continue to want more of Him; I continue longing to know Him better. I pray that this desire never fades.

I have 4 children, 4 blessings that God has bestowed upon my life and 4 little warriors for His kingdom. I recently started babysitting 3 days a week for a friends little girl and I know unequivocally that this was led by His gracious hands. He is the maker of our lives, weaving them intricately in His own powerful way.

Education has a brand new meaning for me. My children’s daily lives have a new meaning for me. And both have Christ at the center. I can thank Him for this. I can thank Him for giving me the desire to teach them His ways, His will and His plan and I can thank Him for the resources to do so. I have stepped in line with His will and have stopped searching for “His will for my life”. I recommend everyone do this, because the truth He opens you up to is something worth seeing!


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