Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hayley Peyton turns 3

My sweet Hayley Peyton turns 3 today. 


Where does the time go?

I remember the first time I held her in my arms, what a small, sweet gift I held!

She is a gift from above, a blessing from His gracious and generous hands. I look at her sparkling blue eyes, her fire red hair and my mouth always turns up. She is radiant!

She enjoys playing guns and swords with her brothers, while wearing her princess dress and shoes. She loves lipstick and high heels and the color purple. She love princess movies, Tinkerbell and of course her boy side LOVES TARZAN. 

 She is my wild, independent ray of sunshine. I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like without her. She brings so much joy into my life. 

 Happy birthday sweet girl, may your years be blessed abundantly by our Mighty God above! May your steps always be directed by His hands and may your heart always be willing to follow Him. May you never forsake the teachings you receive and may you always stand strong in life with His Word as your foundation. You were formed in my womb by Him, set apart for good. I look forward to watching you grow and mature and blossom. 

You are my sweet butterfly princess.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Haley!!! Wishing you another year of blessings and love. We love you!!

Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

She's adorable! Hope she has a wonderful birthday! !

Kristy said...

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

kellee said...

Oh such a sweet baby girl!
My little Abigail turned three last week. It's crazy how the time flies!

the happiest of belated birthdays to your princess!
La Belle Coeur