Friday, October 24, 2014

Blogger love day, day 20--love is Jesus Christ

Today, tomorrow and forever.

What does that mean to you? 

I have so enjoyed being a participant in this blogger love dare. It's been beautiful to get back in and be challenged to truly love without end. 

For me, the above statement is breathtaking. Why? Beause, it's a small, subtle reminder that Jesus is with me today, tomorrow and forever--like literally forever and ever and ever. 

Jesus came to seek and save--which means He sought me and saved me. How beautiful is that, I mean really? 

Have you taken the time in your life to STOP and ask Jesus to save you? Maybe you have, maybe you did it as a little girl, but somewhere along the way you strayed and walked away. I did. That's part of my testimony, not walking intimately with Jesus. But, maybe you haven't. Maybe you keep telling yourself there is more time. I encourage you to do so, today, because tomorrow is not promised. I encourage you to step into intimacy with Jesus, and do not hesitate. 

That's what He wants--a truly intimate relationship with us. He loved us at every moment, He LOVES us at every weak and not pretty moment. 

Do I love like that? Do you love like that? That's what I have to constantly ask myself. Do I love my husband despite what he might do to hurt me? Do I love despite what he says or does or how he behaves? 

The truth is, not often, but I want to. I want to love like Jesus. I desire a love that sees no mistake, and instead loves passionately. I can do this, but only in Christ. I cannot work hard enough to love my husband. I can do enough to "prove my love" to him. 


Because true love is found in Christ alone. I can be an instrument, used by God, to meet the needs of my husband. And as a result, he can then walk in the fullness and blessings of my love for him, without question. 

Have you taken God at His Word? Do you trust Him for salvation? Take today's dare if you want that next step, that next commitment to loving beyond what you think you are capable of. 

And remember, you are less than only Three.

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