Sunday, July 3, 2011

His is mighty

He is a mighty and loving God.

He is rich in mercy.

He is powerful and everlasting.

His grace is sufficient for all of our needs.

These statements have rang so true to me lately. He loves us so deeply and so immensely that it's hard to wrap my insignificant minds around sometimes. I feel so completely unworthy, all of the time.

His mercy pours out on us, even when we stumble, fall. He still reigns down His gracious, merciful hands upon our every endeavor.

He is the most powerful and everlasting being. There is nothing that He cannot do. He never ends, His love never dies.

When I feel weak, lost, as though I can no longer push forward, His grace reminds me that He is there. He can meet every single one of my needs.

I stand in awe of Him, gleaming from one ear to the other. The smile that is on my face is permanently set there by His capable hands.

Are you feeling this way today? Are you allowing Him to meet your needs? To love you the way He created you to love?

I'm trying, with every breath I take, with every step I make, I am trying to honor the living breathing God of the universe.

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