Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Crown on my Husband’s Head

Learning to be a wife in the eyes of the Lord is something extremely hard for me. I look around at family member’s marriages, friend’s marriages, celebrity marriages, and none of them seem to be examples of what the Lord calls of me, for wives.

I’ve struggled greatly to step into this role.

His Word tells us exactly what we are to be, and the best description I have found I stumbled upon this morning during my morning reading time. I subscribe to various encouraging email devotions that I receive daily and I praise God for Courtney at Women Living Well. Although I didn’t even realize I needed to hear this Scripture, He worked right through her.  

A simple Scripture can speak volumes in our life; and this one did for me today…..

“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown.”
Proverbs 12:4
What does this mean? How do I live this out? How do I become the crown my husband proudly wears on his head?

Questions began spinning around my head and I began to weep … am I that crown or am I a thorn in his side? Does my noble character bring him praise or heartache?

As I reflected on what this verse said, God opened me up to what exactly He calls of a woman; and it’s quite different than what this world has created a wife to be.

{In my opinion….}
A virtuous woman should seek to be pious and prudent. She should seek the good of her family and look well upon her duties in the home. She should be a woman that is of the Spirit, living out the nature of God through her relations with those around her; whether it is her children, her husband, her friends or her family. She bears many crosses without disturbances and does not grow weary of doing well for her family. She is not only a credit of honor to her husband, as a crown is an ornament, but she supports and strengthens his authority in the family, as a crown is an ensign of power. She is submissive and faithful to him while teaching her children to be as well. She is reverent to the Lord and thus obeys because of the love that He gives her.

This was a lot to swallow. I couldn’t believe the lack of obedience I’ve showed in this area. My heart was heavy and I immediately called Brian to apologize and tell him of my revelation, and I was not prepared for his respone.

{God’s mercy and grace never cease to amaze me}

This husband who I felt I had failed so miserably simply laughed and gave me the most encouraging words I could ever have hoped to hear at that moment …
“Babe, you know what the greatest part about you is, that I don’t see in women today, is that you always go to His word for strength, and when His word leads you to a convicting aspect, you humbly admit your weakness. You do not boast in yourself and say ‘I am a good wife, I am a good mother, I don’t need to change anything for anyone, accept me as I am.’ You say exactly what God would have you say and that is, ‘I cannot do this without your guidance.’ And that is exactly what He gave you today. You are everything I have ever wanted and I love you dearly.”

Wow, and so I wept some more.

Thank you Lord for the love you show me at every moment, through every person of my life. Thank you for this man that I can call my husband, for as long as you allow us to have here on this earth. I am alive today because of you and I desire only to faithfully serve you each and every day. 


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